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45 Years of Combined Experience in the Brick and Stone Industry

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The Piedmont Area within 100 miles of Charlotte, including SC (Catawba County, Union County, and Mecklenburg County).

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We’re Fully Insured

We know our work will last. That’s why we offer a 5-year warranty on our repairs! 


We Stand Out Because Our Repairs Don't

After seeing the poor quality of repairs in the brick and stone industry, Bill Cantrell and Joel Chavez decided to start their own business - Superior Brick and Stone Restoration. Bill and Joel have been close friends for over 15 years and have 45 years of combined experience in the brick and stone industry. Bill has worked over 30 years with the largest brick company in the US solving problems that others couldn’t. He and Joel understand what engineers and inspectors look for and expect in repairs. Their high-quality solutions will help homeowners, realtors, remodelers, and restoration companies in the Greater Charlotte area save time and money on repairs for residential and commercial buildings. They can promise you seamless results. 

At the end of the day, Bill and Joel truly love what they do and enjoy putting smiles on their customers’ faces when they restore the beauty of brick and stone. 

Bill Cantrell
Bill Cantrell
Joel Chavez
Joel Chavez

For Homeowners 

We’ll help you avoid having to rebuild a damaged brick wall, chimney, or fireplace since we can easily fix cracksmismatched brick, and moreLikewise, our hardwood floor service will erase localized scratches, so you won’t need to refinish the entire floor. By choosing us, you’ll also avoid extra fees from home inspectors. 

For Realtors

Our repairs will save you sales and time. If you are a realtor, you know that several hundredollar repairs can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales over time, especially when these repairs get taken care of before they become red-flags to potential buyers or home inspectors 


Brick and Stone Repair Restoration

We specialize in repairing and restoring all kinds of brick and stone. Our repairs are seamless in appearance so once our job is complete, any sign of damage or imperfection will be virtually impossible to see. We repair and restore walls, foundations, chimneys, veneers, and more. In addition to our brick and stonework, we restore hardwood flooring. We do not build new structures. 

Additional Services

Hardwood Repair

Our method of erasing deep scratches on hardwood lets you to keep your flooring and stay in your home with zero dust. When we’re done, you won't be able to tell where the scratches were. 


Waterproofing brick and stone prevents leaks in your home and extends the life of the mortar for years. It is a non-invasive process.

Pressure Washing

Sometimes all you need to rejuvenate your home is a thorough pressure wash. Let us do that for you. 


What kind of repairs do you do?

We repair cracks on foundations, walls, and chimneys for both stone and brick. Other repair services include matching the color of new additions to existing brick or stone and correcting falling brick veneer. We also repair scratches on hardwood flooring. Visit our Services page to learn more. 

How much do your estimates cost?

We offer free estimates in the Charlotte Area. There may fees for further areas but that fee will be applied towards the repairDon’t hesitate to call us if you have questions or would like us to examine something. There are no inspection fees. 

How long can I expect the repairs to last?

We have a 5-year warranty, but many of our repairs last the life of the house. 

Do you lay new brick or pour concrete?

No, we do not lay new brick nor pour concrete. We only repair and restore existing brick. We also do not repair driveways or sidewalks because concrete slabs are guaranteed to crack.  

Do you subcontract work?

Bill and Joel, the owners, do all the work. We know industry standards and the standards you expect as a customer. 

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Areas We Serve

The Piedmont Area within 100 miles of Charlotte, including SC (Catawba County, Union County, and Mecklenburg County)

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